Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

If you love the insanity or freedom of admitting what you didn't do, join in at my charming kids and link up with Mckmama.

Rough weekend, but I thought I'd throw a few not me's in the virtual air. Forgive me for mailing this one in, but I do have some pretty decent ones.

I did NOT have the kids all weekend by myself. In that time, Itty Bitty did NOT have an issue with number 2. She did NOT push out of her tiny bottom a pile of crap that a Clydesdale would've been proud of late Sunday Afternoon. I did NOT gag.

Adsy did NOT go to time out ONLY a total of three times all weekend...which is either a record for her or her Dad's too much of a softy. I did NOT allow them to 'play' in Adsy's room for about an hour with little supervision. I did NOT know that 'play' would turn into the systematic destruction of the order of Adsy's room that took me two hours to fix before Sneaky Momma came home.

At school this week, I did NOT utter the words "Pure Balls" in a lecture of 30 8th graders while discussing the Monroe Doctrine. I did NOT have to wait two solid minutes for the spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter to die down. I am a professional educator, I don't do stuff like that. In addition, on the tennis court I did NOT accidentally hit a forehand volley rather solidly into a particulary annoying student. I did NOT grin when I turned my body the other way.

I did NOT think the ending of the Super Bowl was pretty darn cool even though the Cards lost. I did NOT wish for OT. I really did NOT see one commercial in spite of my First 5. (Seriously this is the truth.)

Adios, and have a great week!



Kimber said...

Great NMM's. Poop makes me gag too. And that folks is why I'm a respiratory therapist instead of a nurse - teeheehee. Have a great week.

The Thompson's said...

Great NM's Lane. Love reading the daddy do's. I can so relate to something other than Woo to the Hoo and pictures of table settings sometimes.


Leah said...

I love posts about baby poop. ;)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great list! Isn't it amazing how much poop can come out of small kids...seems like my last couple of NNMs have poop in them too!

Happy Not Me Monday!

Elaine said...

Great Not Me's came by from Sneaky Momma. Praying for you all.

Following Him said...

HILARIOUS NMM post! I did not die laughing about the poop or balls story. Seriously! I have more restraint than that :)

winelush said...

I love it! I may have to join in the Not Me Monday next week.

Kalei said...

laughing all the way!