Monday, February 16, 2009

NOT Me-The V-Day Edition

Another week in the books...another week about to begin. Thanks to Mckmama for this outlet for us to admit what didn't happen.

Well, I did not mircaculously get my back healed by some of Pop's magical medicine. It wasn't FDA approved but it is Sneaky Daddy approved. Sneaky Momma did not have to massage it in. I did not love every minute of it even though I smelt like wintergreen gum.

I did NOT start out the season this year with challenge matches galore. It does NOT make me twitch when two seventh grade girls play tennis against each other. I do NOT mentally make note of all the places in the world I could travel to before this match ends.

We did NOT observe Cupid's day. We did NOT take the girls for an afternoon of frolicking, sliding, climbing, and swinging at the local park.


I did NOT slide down the slide because I'm adult. This is a park for kids, there is no way me a near 40 year old would ever play on a slide made for a nine year oldSneaky Momma and I did NOT spend a quiet...yes a QUITE QUIET evening on February 14th at home. We did NOT go eat a pretty decent dinnner at Saltgrass after waiting roughly the same amount of time that it takes two seventh grade girls to play tennis. (1hr and 45min) We did NOT get home until the last hour of Valentines Day was half way done. We did NOT spend the rest of V-Day and the beginning of V-Day +1 watching the movie Fireproof. We did NOT feel somewhat inspired by the message even though we did NOT make fun of any of the acting. (That movie is good on so many levels)

We did NOT hit Poppers house for his '45th' birthday. It was NOT really his 54th birthday as he pled dyslexia. He did NOT enjoy playing basketball on his new goal. Me and Uncle Bri (my wife's brother in law) did not enjoy at all the playing of basketball in his home made arena. We did NOT partake in a game of HORSE that rivaled the NBA. (Okay, our games probably didn't rival that one, but they were fun).

Thanks again to Mckmama!!!



Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Great Not-Me's. Looks like a fun slide (although a little on the small side) I hope Sneaky Momma was there to catch you at the bottom!!

Mama SeWELL said...

I love the slide picture, I know your girls got a kick out of that! I hope the next tennis match you get venus & serena, that would be something!
Glad to see you both had a great V-Day, your cookies looked yummy! They taste better when they are made with lots of love & sweetness!
Have a good week!

-stephanie- said...

Yup, it wasn't me either, making fun of the acting in Fireproof, a few Not Me's ago.

heidi said...

I think that if yer butt can still fit on a slide, you're OBLIGATED to go down them.

Wayne said...

Great not me mmonday, thanks for the brthday wishes