Friday, February 20, 2009

First 5 Friday-Comparing Commedienes

Last week, my First 5 list was about greatest characters in a comedy. I didn't realize it at the time, but my list only contained men. I know that of course TV is more than just the Y chromosomes and fuzzy faces. Women have truly made their much so, that I have decided to honor them with their own First 5.

First 5 Most Interesting Female Comedy Characters

5. Diane Chambers-Cheers. The quintessential snob. The girl who knows the proper wine (and whine for that matter), the proper use of 'whom', and pretty much all things that a country boy like me would find totally useless. But, her romance with Sam Malone was pure comic gold. She was a paradox that made you root for her and against her all at the same time. You wanted to see her and Sam make it, but you would totally be fine if he rubbed her nose in the dirt a little. Even though I liked Rebecca Howe, Cheers was never the same without her. She brought 'real' sophistication and hypocrisy to the show...and man did it work.

4. Phoebe Buffay-Friends. Totally weird. Had such a different way of looking at life and wasn't worried about letting everyone know it. She was the gifted and talented ditz. She was honest, caring, with a past of being very harsh. (She had actually mugged Ross while living on the streets.) Her music ability was truly horrific, but yet she sang. I guess she is a role model for us all, do what you want regardless of what anyone thinks.

3. Karen Delaney St. Croix Popeil Walker Finster-Walker-Will and Grace. Just the name alone is awesome, but the drug abusing, binge drinking, chimney smoking, sarcasm flowing, millionaire marrying lady was simply riveting. She was funny while being totally shallow and insulting. She thought only about herself, but damn if she wasn't loveable.

2. Edith Bunker-All in the Family. She was married to a boorish, racist man. He took her for granted, even so much as forcing her to sit in what look to be the most uncomfortable chair in the house, while he sat on the best chair. She took it all in stride with her whiny voice and deferential attitude. But, on rare occasion, she would tear into him and you felt just a tiny bit of anxiety. Because she never yelled, it kind of worried you when she did. She was Grandma before Grandma was gray and frail. I guess the timeless quality of the song "Those Were The Days' and the screeching voice of hers make her truly unforgettable.

1. Lucy Ricardo-I Love Lucy. I'll admit it, I was not a fan of the show. But, what few episodes I have watched have led me to believe that Lucy was really all of that and a bag of chips. (Can I really pull that saying off?) She was strong willed and stubborn, which at that time was not something that was really looked favorably on back in those days. I respect greatness and I know it when I see it. She was an amazing character and Lucille Ball played her to perfection.

I hope you enjoyed the X Chromosome First 5...tune in next week...for what I have no idea.



Mama SeWELL said...

OOOOOOOOOOO Edith! Shes great! Glad to see you had to throw some estrogen in the mix!

Danita said...

Those are great!! I am in agreement! Lucy is definitely #1!!!

heidi said...

Fab! I LOVE Karen on Will & Grace and Phoebe.

Karen is going to be in a new show coming up that I can't wait to see. SHe's so funny!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Great list as always, hon! I agree that Lucy takes the cake. I love watching the Vitameatavegamin and the chocolate factory clips over and over again. Did you know that my mom and one of her friends used to be referred to as Lucy and Ethel? Learn something new every day... :)