Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lane's First 5 Friday-A Super Edition

As the dust cleared in Tampa Bay, the pundits and the broadcasters all began wondering where this Super Bowl XLIII rank in terms of all time Super Bowls.

Thankfully that's what I do.

5. Super Bowl XLII-Otherwise known as Super Bowl 16-1. The NFC's fifth seed in one of the most amazing upsets since Jets/Colts in Super Bowl III pulled off a stunner against previously unbeaten New England 17-14. It placed the a simple pass play, Manning to Tyree as an instant classic.

Maybe because of the history on the line, this game has got to be in anyone's top 5. (By the way, I am puking slightly because of the fact I HATE the Giants and despise the Patriots. )

4. Super Bowl XLIII-Otherwise known as Super Porn. Pittsburgh 27-Arizona 23. This game literally had everything. The longest defensive touchdown in the history of the game.

Warner giveth away momentum...then takes it back in almost the greatest fourth quarter comeback in the history of the Super Bowl. Then, thousands of people are interrupted in Arizona, by porn preempting the big game. After the naked guys leave the for the ages. Big Ben to Holmes, another last gasp of the Cardinals...a non review in a critical point and the Steelers win an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl.

3. Super Bowl XIII-Otherwise known as Supe XIII or "The Sickest Man in America". Pittsburgh 35-Dsllas 31. A total rollercoaster as the teams continued to build and lose momentum. At first the defenses held the high powered offenses in check. Then, the Steelers plowed through Dallas vaunted Doomsday defense to build, what looked to be an insurmountable 35-17 lead with less than five minutes to go. Then, in a furious comeback, Roger Staubach led the Cowboys yard by hard earned yard against the Steel Curtain defense, scoring two touchdowns quicker than it took Bill Clinton to get his pants down for Monica L. After a failed onside finally sealed the deal for the Steelers, all participants and fans felt somewhat worn out emotionally from the track meet like 2nd half. Key play of the game, however, was a failed catch by a great tight end, Jackie Smith. The lost points were the difference in the score.

2. Super Bowl XXV-Otherwise known as 'The Shot Heard 'Round the World'...two teams that were polar opposites met in a slugfest. The high powered Buffalo Bills were down by one point to the run oriented NY Giants. As they drove down field to set up the winning score, the upstart Bills looked to be about to claim their first Super Bowl win. Then this happened.

1. Super Bowl XXXIV-Otherwise known as 'A Yard Away' It was spectacular. Several moments of spectacular defense and offense...and for my money...the most heart stopping action on the last Tennessee drive that I have ever seen. Here's a montage, from Warner's bomb, McNair's scramble, Dyson's stretch...just greatness.

Hope you enjoyed the walk down Lombardi Lane.



Coachdad said...

great post! I disagree with No. 1, but love reading about football!

The Thompson's said...

Ah yes! Super Bowl XXXIV now that was a classic. Drama doesnt get any better.

The best baseball game I have ever witnessed was in the NLDS 2005. The Astros were playing the Braves. I was there. 18 innings of pure stress that ended in a walk off homer by Chris Burke. Who wouldnt have known? Not to mention that the game was extended into more innings by a 9th inning homer by of all people Brad Ausmus? You couldnt write one better than that, and I just happen to be sitting on the front row behind the plate in some of my companies CEO seats. But that was my moment. Just thought I would share.

Nice post Lane.