Friday, January 30, 2009

Lane's First 5 Friday-Commercials and A Thank You

Before I get into the madness of another First 5, I need to thank Meredith over at 24 hours for an award she gave me last week. My apologies for the lateness of my gratefulness, but I am truly honored you thought of my little blog to give an award to.

The Super Bowl is in a couple of days as pretty much everyone knows. The game, the pageantry, and the history will all be unfolding before our very eyes play by play. The one thing that almost all will be watching is the commercials. Because, no matter how bad the game is, the commercials will usually be meaningful, interesting, and in the case of most of the following, downright damn funny.

Here is a First 5 List of my favorite Super Bowl Commercials.

5. Clydesdale Interrupted-Bud Light. I truly think that this is the best of an excellent series. It's Cute, funny, thought provoking...okay well maybe not thought provoking, but the rest is true.

4. The Dangers of Equine Gas-Bud Light. I almost peed my pants the first time I saw this one.

3. Terrible Terry Tate, Office Linebacker-Reebok. Almost makes you want to be productive at work, doesn't it?

2. Mean Joe Green-Coke. Geez, I hated him. Well, okay, from a purely football sense, I hated him for what devestation he created through my beloved Cowboys. But, this commercial was simple, but pure greatness.

1. Cat Herders-EDS. I'm not sure that I had ever laughed harder at a commercial. It's still one I can watch again and again. It has everything, amazing graphics of a herd of felines, nostalgia, and it's funny as hell.

Guess, I always wondered why I can't stop drinking Bud Light or coke. That's all from First 5 Central, I hope that you all have a coke and a smile...and that your favorite team wins the Super Bowl. (As long as your favorite team is red and has a bird on the helmet.


Programing Note: For you Steeler fans I will have a Tribute Tuesday over an interesting part of your history. Stay tuned.


Mama SeWELL said...

#4 Is great!!Kinda sick but funny! Who comes up with something like that anyways, it had to be a guy.
Have a good weekend!

Heather said...

I'm not afraid to admit to you, a man, the only reason i like to watch the superbowl with my hubby is because of the commercials. I don't think i had ever seen the cat's toooo funny. Good Luck to your Cardinals tomorrow.