Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

A new segment on SD...things that make me go...hmmm.

Why does my smoke detector battery always go dead at eleven o'clock at night? Three in a row have gone dead the hour before the witching hour. It can't be coincidence. Why can't it go out at a more convenient 4 pM where sneaky momma can deal with it? (just kidding, hon)

When did I get old? I heard myself using the phrase, "These damn kids nowadays always play their music so loud. I mean, seriously I can't understand a word their...." At this point I suffered an Irony Attack. I so remember when I drove all over town with the windows down so all could listen to the tape that I had in at the time. I felt it was my public duty to 'reward' all of those near me by a carefully selected tune, such as King or Rock by Run DMC, Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys, or some Fat Boys 'remake'.

On a related note, do you guys remember what you watched on TV as a teenager? I think my favorite shows were ALF, Magnum PI, MASH, and Simon and Simon. My usual daily reruns segment included the Jeffersons, Gilligan's Island, Happy Days, and Laverne and Shirley. I also at one point was a HUGE fan of the Dukes of Hazzard. Now, whenever I try watch it, I find it totally unwatchable.

Why don't we have a college football playoff? On the day of the BCS National Championship Game, I am again struck how blatantly unfair it is. Why even call it a national championship. Just call it the last bowl game. I refuse to acknowledge either party as national champions. In fact, I'm awarding the SD national championship to..wait for it....UTAH!!

Why? Well, they are undefeated, but they're not Hawaii undefeated. Their schedule has teeth.

Forget Michigan, who happened to be well pond scum this year. They beat four bowl teams. They dismantled Alabama in basically a home game. They defeated Oregon State, who deeated USC the week before. You also have several degrees of separation too between all of the contenders. The Utes beat Alabama, who defeated ol Miss. Ol' Miss you may remember defeated Florida. They also beat Texas Tech, who defeated Texas, who defeated Oklahoma. Is all of this sketchy....Hell, yes!! But, their claim is as good if not better than anyone elses.

Why can they put a man on the moon but can they not develop:

Ultra slow growing grass that looks good.
Milk that doesn't expire before the expiration date.
A carton for eggs that will actually protect them.
The LONGEST lasting battery.
A decent camera that doesn't wait four seconds to take the picture after you pressed the button.
A college playoff. (sorry, I am obsessed.)

Well, that about does it for what's on Lane's mind. Hope all have a pleasant Thursday.


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Jill (Sneaky Momma) said... your new sidebar additions. :)
I didn't know you liked Alf! You and Trent would've gotten along just fine...
I think the BCS should adopt a 32 team tennis draw, complete with seeds. It's getting ridiculous.