Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Very Sneaky Year Begins

A beautiful day in Texas...or so I heard.

I spent most of it happily cooped up, eating queso, chips, and sandwiches watching bowl games. (Okay, so I watched the Monk marathon more than the games, sue me) A couple of things came to mind during this day.

Number one, can't put down the queso like I used to.

Number two, it takes a lot less to make me tired of watching football...especially with Clemson vs Nebraska and Virginia Tech vs Cincinatti. Sheesh. Seriously, if that game is what we get with the BCS, then we should get rid of the whole thing just because of that. (The rest of why the BCS is Satan's Spawn to college football would take an entire hate filled blog to go through, so I'll spare you.)

Number three, I am more thankful than ever of easy assembly toys. I have enjoyed snapping and even the occassional screwing in our daughter's toys. I will say, not ONE toy took more than forty five minutes to assemble. Which is amazing considering my lack of skills in the area of toy building. (Santa has nothing to fear, I won't be taking his job any time soon.)

Also, I thought maybe since this is the time of year for resolutions, that maybe I should find a way to improve myself. (like take a toy building class). So, this is my resolutions for 2009 in no particular order.

1. Figure out my yard. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, but I'm lazy. I like to mow once a month...I know that basically the only time that works now. On a similar note, the cat has voted for me to leave the yard as is. He likes to pretend he's a cheetah and the over growth gives him that jungle like atmosphere that he craves.

2. Figure out the garage. I have things in there that should not be in any home in America. I kind of think, that if I get to the middle I might see a minotaur. I am going to have to spend three days...six dump loads...and a few tetanus shots to get it cleared away. Did I do it during this break? HELL NO!!. But, it will happen by this time next year....I promise!! :)

3. On a related note, I need to figure out the attic. There is stuff up there that I have forgotten I put up there. This by the way might help the garage situation.

4. Next, I am going to quit smoking. I think that since I haven't had a cigarette since the first Bush was in the office I'm probably safe on that one. (Ya gotta have one that is an automatic success or you will think that you didn't succeed at your resolutions.)

5. Lastly, I'm going to cut down on the red meat. I think maybe if I get healthier I will have the energy to do the first three things on the list.

---Happy New Years, All!!---------


Jill said...

I can't stop laughing! I keep envisioning our dear Pnut as a cheetah in the backyard! Thanks for the visual. :)

C.C. and Double T said...

I watched MONK too!!!

amanda said...

made me laugh at the quit smoking resolution. pretty funny. :0)

Nikki B. said...

so funny to me that you call it "figure out" the garage/attic/yard!

women clean things figure things out!