Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

As I finally got over my yearly depression over why college football doesn't end their season like everyone else, I finally moved on to other things. When I awoke from my fog I noticed that the world had changed.

This weeks sign of the Apocalypse: The Arizona Cardinals playing a home game for the NFC Championship. The question is, if they win, will this cause many to go to church more often and repent their sins? "The end is upon us....the Cards are playin' for the Lombardi!!" Or will we have to wait for something earth the Clippers winning the NBA Championship or the Texas Rangers making a good trade? I think there is a Quatrain over this event in Nostradamus' last writings. It goes as such.

"The bird of prey will circle the bird of blood and so one will fly...nevermore"

Heck, maybe that's from Poe...I get 'em mixed up.

Related note: Three of the last four teams left are bird oriented. Just figured that out when I wrote that last quote.

This weeks sign that I'm an old fart in progress: I was thinking about the differences in style of teaching in the 80's as compared to now.

Then-Coach So and So, "Well, Parker, looks like ya got a zero in science. You know the drill, Son. Touch your toes and give me a good target."


Now-Teacher, "Well, Sam, I do not have a grade for you on this assignment." Sam, "So?" Teacher, "Well, to pass you'll have to turn it in." Sam, "If I don't pass, my Momma will tear into you!"

When did we decide that promoting self esteem was more important as promoting self responsibility? When did we decide that when a kid failed, the educator was totally responsible? Sigh, can we tear up the whole damn thing and start over again?

Finally, Adsy quote of the week. She has taken to calling things 'Gunderson' if she doesn't have another word for what they are. So, just messing with her, I asked if her Kitty Kat (KK) was named Gunderson. She told me, "That's my word, Daddy."

Life sure is more interesting than fiction.


Wayne said...

Intresting blog, I am a huge fan of nostrdamus I have a book of his prophisis, if thats how you spell it.

Coachdad said...

Arizona one win away from the Super Bowl... can you belive it? Love your poker game on your other blog. Where did you find it?

Lane said...

I saw you found was a gadget. Man, it's addicting.

Nikki B. said...

ok...did u see the SNL weekend update last weekend...the song about the BCS? i know NOTHING about college ball or the BCS...but, this song was HILARIOUS. i'm even posting on my blog tomorrow...but, here's the link:

my sentiments EXACTLY on the education system. you're smack in the middle of, i can't imagine how it frustrates you. as a parent of 3 in drives me UP THE WALL the lack of accountability that kids have in school. i would worry about mine...but, i know they still have to answer to us at home...and we run a pretty tight ship. i think i have said those exact words..."when did we decide that promoting self-esteem was more important than promoting accountability!!!" boils my blood, it does. so much so...that i may have to blog about it as well.

but, check out that link if you haven't already seen it!!

love your random thoughts thursdays!

CornFedMama said...

Your posts always make me laugh! Of course, they make me think, and sometimes stir up some anger (personal accountability vs. self esteem), but the laughter... you must keep Sneaky Momma in stitches!

Wayne said...

Great Random thought there. funny how you was thinking about teaching in the eighties. I was thinking about the music in the eighties compared to today, what a culture shock. lol

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

If the Cowboys aren't in the running, at least we got history thing to get excited about. :)