Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writer's Workshop-Things I'm Sick Of

It is time for my favorite blog part of the week....the Writer's Workshop....head on out to Mama Katt's site and try your hand, or hands if you don't have to hunt and peck, at the inspiring prompts below:

1.) Share a love letter.

I don't know...I guess I love the letter J the most. It looks the coolest and it is the first name of my lady. Of course, S is pretty cool too.

2.) Memorial Day Weekend plans?? Do share!

Hmm....Phineas and Ferb marathon, popcorn, and beer (it's birthday week so that means SHINER BLONDE). Fun for the whole family.

3.) List ten things you are currently sick of.

(inspired by Jenny)

See Below.

4.) Put an outfit together using pictures you found online and show us what you'd LIKE to be wearing today.

(inspired by Lace)

I don't 'do' fashion.

5.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to?

(inspired by Chris)

Hogan's Heroes reruns. I really miss 'em during the school year, but no fear summer is almost here. "I know nothing!!"


Ten things that I'm sick of..

10. The NBA. How is it that a player NEVER fouls in that league? Every time a whistle blows there is the look like, "Your kidding right? I didn't even touch him." I am sick of Mark Cuban and pretty much every one of the Denver Nuggets (with the exception of Billups). Thuggery is so 1990, Denver. I'm going to throw the Lakers in too...I'm just sick of them for the normal reasons. I'm kind of glad my Spurs and Mavs are I can't quit holding back my spew at these ten year olds in adult bodies playing basketball.

9. The Bachelor/Bachelorrette. Sorry, Mama Katt and all of you Bachelor and Bachelorrette fans. I think this thing has played out its string as far as it can. The idea of these folks finding true love while the 'object of their affection' is making out and worse with others right under there nose is ridiculous.

8. Brett Favre. Next time you retire....just go play golf and leave the NFL alone. They should have a 'boxer's rule' in the NFL. When you retire the second time your done. "Go play in Canada but leave us the f alone." By the way, on a relate note, I wish TO would go play with him for like the Toronto Stampeders and get off of my television screen.

7. Middle Schoolers. Sorry, it's so close to the end of the year and they are truly pissing me off with their faux coolness. If you here of a teacher blowing blood vessel down in Texas, don't worry. It was me.

6. The New York Yankees. General Principle.

5. The TAKS test. Our standardized test which lets us know how good a job we did this year. It's where the state of Texas says 'Hey, you guys need to teach everyone differently, but we're going to test 'em all the same way.' Moronic.

4. Players that choose to waste their talent. Adam Jones. Why? What do you mean you gotta keep it real, Adam? If that's the case, go work at Denny's. That's what real people do when they have to piece together plan B because plan A didn't work. They don't make it rain. They make me a hot apple pie. They don't fight bodyguards, they fight boredom in a dead end job where they hope they can maneuver into their dream job. When told that they will receive more than a million dollars to play a sport if they keep their nose clean, guess what real people do? They keep their friggin' nose clean. You're too stupid, man. Simply too stupid. But, don't worry, you have a host of others that were too stupid too, like Rae Carruth, Art Schleister, Pete Rose, etc.

3.The Ultra Right Wing and The Ultra Left Wing. I have an opinion, Folks, and I ain't afraid to use it. Rush Limbaugh, it is perfectly okay to hope that our country rights itself regardless of the party in power. You can give the Democrats some credit and still be on the other side. Sheesh, right now he is truly rooting for the Depression of 2009 that way he can say, "See, I told you so." What a tool.
Hey, I used to be a ditto head at one point, but when his message is division just for division's sake, it doesn't sound right.

Just like nameless left wing fanatic. I am unenlightened, bigoted, and barbaric if I think abortion is wrong, guns and cars don't kill people...people kill people, and you can do some things in this society that should cost you your life. Instead of giving us valid arguments to their beliefs they use the tired old saying, "I didn't expect you to understand anyway."

2. Sagging jeans. Guys, it ain't cool. It NEVER was cool. Did Fonzie's pants sag? No. Did James Dean's? Frank Sinatra? Sammy Davis, Jr.'s? Denzel Washington's? Nope. I mean seriously, do you think that your underwear showing means your hip? Nope, all it shows is your know the part of your hip the doctor gives a shot in on occasion. Don't tell me it's all about the hip hop culture. I like country music too, but I don't drink to excess, cheat, and go to 'honky tonks'. You're allowed to like the music without dressing like a clown. By the way, while your at it, your car has an AC, so roll up your damn windows. I am sick of your tunes drowning out my ESPN radio and Ranger games.

1. Wear and tear on my old body. I got hurt a couple of weeks ago getting out of bed. I tweaked my back and was listed as Day to Day for a couple of weeks. Sure there was some perks, I didn't have to mow the lawn and Sneaky Momma let me sit around for a couple of days. But, as a football player who never missed a game in six years due to injury (but did miss some time due to incompetence) this is a hard pill to swallow.

Tune in tomorrow when we head back to yesteryear and I rate the First 5 greatest things about the last day of school.


Margo said...

middleschoolers could account for all of this... oh, and the lack of Hogan's Heroes :) Fun read!

Life with Kaishon said...

Those middle schoolers can drive a person crazy, can't they? Good luck with the end of the year! It can't come soon enough for us!

Isabel Princes said...

My school district is just starting to implement that diffrientiated teaching, and I'm sure they'll still test everyone the same way too.

And well said on #4!!!

Nikki B. said...

LOL!! you had me at the letter J!! HILARIOUS!