Friday, May 22, 2009

First 5 Friday-The Best Things About the Final Day

Those were the days. The end of May, the beginning of summer. The last day of school opened forth ten weeks of possibilities. It is where all were optimists. This week I will take a closer look at the freedom that is the last day of school.

First 5 Greatest Things About the Last Day of School

5. No Homework. This is the one day out of the year that it was guaranteed that homework was not going to be assigned. Some hardasses would actually have homework the first day of school...but the last day....NO WAY!!

4. Nicer Teachers. Oh yes, you still have some that are trying to wade through the waves of indifference, but most are in a very good mood. It took until the time I was a teacher before I realized it was because they REALLY loved summer...even more than we did. As they smiled and shook our hands as we were leaving, I know they were secretly thinking of beaches far away from books and ignorant children....that didn't have their last name.

3. Movies. Actual movies. You know, movies that actually spent time in a theatre, not on the history channel or given by a book company. Movies that are to entertain rather than enlighten....but, mainly to force quiet in the classroom as the teachers try to deal with the hangover caused by the faculty party the night before.

2. Shortened Day. The greatest day of the year is also the shortest day as most schools closed at 1:30ish. You gotta love the fact that pretty much right after you eat lunch you're out. It's just the perfect end to any year.

1. Lack of Structure. Wanna go outside? No problem....want to wander the halls? Sure, knock yourself out. Want to throw water balloons or shoot water pistols at people your age and younger? Fine. Teachers just want to survive the day without anyone hurt, no fights, and everyone happily...and this is the important part....LEAVING. But, with this, the single greatest moment of any school year is the release bell. It rings and the screams and celebrations echo from the halls of learning so loud that it is heard downtown.

It's good to be a kid.

Hope you enjoyed a First 5 look at the final day of school, hope you and yours survive it and thrive after it.


Sneaky Momma said...

The girls agree with me that the best thing about the last day of school is having you all to ourselves until August. :)

Trudy said...

Awesome, I always remember that fabulous feeling of the last day of school! Fun post.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love it! Being a kinder teacher...those are really fitting, all except the getting our early one; my district sucks and we still have a full day of school and didn't get out until 3:45! Last Thursday was our last day with kids and yesterday was our work day...we are done for the summer! YaY!!