Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finale First 5

Don't worry, there should be a First 5 Friday next week, but the topic of this week is series finales (In honor of Scrubs going off into the sunset). They are touching, poetic, and sometimes bizarre. I will not bore you with the Newheart finale (seriously, it was all a dream?) or the big fight with Will and Grace (Least favorite finale, by the way) I will also be totally honest with you, I have not seen all the series ever created and so this list will be slightly limited in that regard. But, I hope that my subtractions don't take away from the way these five series ended. It's almost worth looking for them on TV Land or WGN just to see them again.

First 5 Friday-Greatest Series Finales

5. Star Trek the Next Generation-The title of it was 'All Good Things' In this the Captain is sent through time by a godlike character, 'Q'. The captain sees how things will be like in the future and gets to remember life in the past as Captain of the Enterprise. This episode allows charatcers that had left to show up again and does a VERY good job of allowing closure to the characters. Jordi can see with his 'new' eyes. Worf and Riker make up after the death. To be perfectly honest, this was the slickest finale I ever saw..pure action...with a taste of reunion with it. By the way, in my humble opinion, this by FAR was the best Star Trek series ever.

4. Frasier-It had the usual over board behavior as the Crane boys planned out their Dad's wedding (chinese acrobats?). But, I guess what made this one the best was Frasier finally going out on a limb and going to Chicago, to start a new life. This time with a lady love. Daphne and Niles had their baby and Martin got Married. Especially in TV Land, where change is the rule, all of the Cranes had tremendous life changes. It was a good time to begin again...or in our case...end with Frasier again.

3. Friends-Could've been better. For what my expectations going into the show, I thought it was going to be the best one ever. But, to show you the its depth it was still an amazing finale, considering it disappointed. The Bings move out of the apartment and all of the keys line up on the counter was very cool. The Ross and Rachel thing was finally solved...happily. It was a decent end to a great show, that's why it's high on my list..

2. Scrubs-Sure maybe it was because it just happened, this finale was amazing. It had the usual humor as JD goes through his last day at Sacred Heart. But, it looked like it sought for the audience to have closure and understand that all was going to be just fine with the characters they loved. The last scene as JD goes through and basically has almost all the memorable patients, staff (not the major ones), and other random people based in the show line up as he gets nods and little pieces of their character thrown at him. (i.e. "I didn't kill her." and "Good Bye Five!! From the Big Dog!!") Maybe one of the more memorable moments in any series finale ever.

1. MASH-Every major character had his/her own storyline in this episode. From Father Mulcahy to Major Winchester's homemade POW band all getting killed in a random bombing, it tugged at your heartstrings. Watching the final shot as Hawkeye is taking off in a helicopter, the words 'goodbye' are plastered on the ground for Hawkeye and for the audience. Cheesy, yes. But, pure greatness. In my mind this ended the greatest series ever created.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks First 5 Friday!!


Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Great list as always!! I am very very sad that I missed the Scrubs finale - since they moved from NBC I haven't caught the show.

I think you should now do the worst finales ever, included Sienfield (really they are all locked in jail?!) and Sopranos (I never saw the finale, but its fame alone marks it as a horrible finale!)

heidi said...

What is it with you and Mash, man?? Huh? Sheesh! ;-)

I FINALLY watched the Friends final season and finale. Maybe it was because I watched it so long after but it just kind of fell flat for me.

ER was pretty good.


heidi said...

SOrry - I hit post prematurely. LOL

Seinfeld DID suck.

I think more finales SUCK than don't.

Caitlin said...

Sadly, the only finale out of these was Friends- and I agree with you. Pretty good, not great, liked the key thing. Good call.

Mama SeWELL said...

I knew MASH was gonna be in here :-)
And I agree with Liz on the Sopranos, as a faithful watcher that ending was the lamest ever! I never watched Frasier & Im no Trekkie either, but I loved reading your list as always!
Have a great weekend!

Trudy said...

Fun post! I totally agree with you...M.A.S.H. was the greatest series ever and also the greatest finale in my opinion!

Sneaky Momma said...

I love shows that end with a happy ending. :)
Scrubs, Frasier, Friends all ended like I wanted them to. I would have been livid if Ross and Rachel hadn't have ended up together.
Great list, hon. Love you!