Thursday, May 14, 2009

First 5 Friday-Jill Speaks

Sneaky Momma is the love of my life. She is kind, funny, beautiful, and smart. I hang on every word she says (unless there is a close game or a rerun of Scrubs on) and I don't think I could ever imagine a better mother for my kids. However, one of the best things is the 'Jillisms' over the years.

She has said some things over the years that have been hilarious and head scratching all at the same time. So, in honor of my beloved...

First 5 Friday Jillisms.

5. "Um, you know...yeah." The first year of our blessed relationship would start with that as she would decided that what she was thinking wasn't important.

4. "Good Cow" At first I just thought this was an elementary way (she used to teach that age) to say "Holy Shit!" But, she was truly the first one I ever heard say it. As I grew to know her I found that it was a saying her grandmother used to say.

3. "I was thinking..." I am lazy by nature. Of all of the seven deadly sins, the one that hits me the most is sloth. So, as I am sitting in my comfy recliner and I hear those three words, I know that whatever comes next is going to cause me to work. My hon is a great idea lady. She can find every way there is to skin a cat. As her mind works like a finally tuned sports car, my mind is run by hamster on a wheel.....I call him Roy. He also is inclined to laziness. By the way, she has tried to trick me by changing her beginning to "Let me throw this out at you.."

2. "I'm just kidding....not really." Our conversations were splattered with this gem. She would say it with a smile and I never was for sure if she was kidding or not. So, I just grinned quizzacly usually. I found out as I began to know her better...nope, she really wasn't kidding.

1 Wow, that is a beautiful field of Indian Paint brushes." This beauty was only said once as it is definitely a situational comment. We had spent a long hard three days in the Hill Country where I had been hooked in the finger while catching a bass and my lovely city girl had spent more time away from easy driving distance of Target than she ever had before. We were tired and slightly bummed as she, always trying to find the silver lining was commenting on the beauty of the land.

As I looked over in the direction of the Indian Paint brushes I noticed something about them. "Honey," I said, "that's not flowers...that's a field of dirt."

We laughed the rest of the trip.

She has always fit my ideal woman. I have always asked God for a person who I could spend my life laughing with...and boy, did he deliver. I hoped you enjoyed this personal First 5.


-stephanie- said...

That was sweet. You 2 are lucky to have each other. Have a great weekend.

Nikki B. said...

what a tribute...jill's a lucky lady! sounds like you're pretty damn lucky, too!

Sparkette said...

Very nice! I think her and I would get along great IRL (as if she isn't spectacular in the blog world). the "Jillisms"

Jacki said...

How sweet! I love your Jill too.
She ALWAYS makes me laugh, and cheers me up!

What a lucky man you are to appreciate all God has given you through her.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

This was so sweet. What a precious tribute. Jill certainly seems like a fantastic lady.

pam said...

Your post made me smile. How sweet of you to write about how great your wife is.

Tim said...

That was great! I could list a ton about Carey as well, but as you know I would need to get each of them approved first. LOL

Love and Prayers,


heidi said...

HA! Rob runs for the hills whenever I say "I was thinking..." LOL

That was sweet! ANd it didn't include Mash, so I'm grateful. ;-)