Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello, Not Me aficionados. I hope that you all join the blog carnival that is Mckmama's NOT ME MONDAY.

I am here to tell you a tale of a very uneventful week that did not happen. As all of us in the education business did not look with expectant eyes toward the end of the week, I did not secretly hope for rain. Rain came, and unfortunately, it rained out my tennis match last Thursday. I did not wish this to happen. In fact, I hated the fact that I had an entire night without adolescent type children wired on Red Bull or Mountain Dew.

I have started to really take this whole be an adult thing in stride. I have not failed in any of the ways to show this. In fact I did not screech an obscenity that echoed through the household as my beloved Aggies blew a twenty two point lead to lose to Texas Tech . Tech? Geez, that's NOT like losing to Lubbock High School's JV. Anyways, I am too mature a person to allow a mere sporting event to take my joy away and cause me to curse while my beloved children sleep snugly in their beds. Nope, far too much of an adult to get on the ESPN website and type all the words I was thinking for a more global audience than my nuclear family.

In the end, I did not breathe a sigh of relief as my Aggies get to get pounded in a few days in the NCAA tourney.

I did not watch my little girl, Itty Bitty get upset with my darling Jill. It seems that Itty Bitty doesn't just get mad, she gets even. So, as she did not get thrown out of the chair by Jill after giving Jill an unsolicited and slightly vicious headbutt, Itty Bitty did not grab the precious remote control, ltake two steps away from the chair and heave it. Jill never noticed it, I did. I did not laugh at the hilarity.

I did not enjoy Sunday as we spent some more at my inlaws household. We did not enjoy some great hamburgers, hot dogs, and cake. I did not forget to wear a belt and I did not wear some pants that were too big for me. I did not look like a sagging teenager for the entire four hours we were there. (Incidentally, how in the hell is that comfortable or even cool? Probably will be a post in the future.)

I did not enjoy a quiet evening with Sneaky Momma on Sunday where we did not do anything. It was not good. I do not think that the designated hitter is a good thing in the MLB.

I do not know why I put that last line in there. I am not too lazy to put the cursor back up there to delete it off. I do not know why I wasted three lines on this rant.

Do not look for any new 'features' for this blog as Sneaky Daddy is afraid of change. Do not look for a wildly incendiary First Five Friday as I puss out and not mention the First 5 things that piss me off about the youth of this nation.




CornFedMama said...

Daddys laughing at their daughters... not funny. Although it is, kinda. i won't hold my breath, but i will put a wish out for the "Youth" post! As an educator, i'd bet you'd have an awesome First Five! Have a great week, and enjoy spring break!

blueviolet said...

I want to see the youth of this nation post too!

I would have chuckled at the remote heaving as well. :)

Mama SeWELL said...

Have a great week on your week away from all the Red Bull drinking kids. Please tell me they dont sell those at your school? I call it crack in a can, and to think people actually mix this stuff w/ vodka. I was laughing at the Itty Biity tantrum, sometimes you just have to laugh even though you know you shouldnt. Great NM Sneaky Daddy! You guys have fun!

heidi said...

Well, why get mad when getting even feels so much better? LOL Those head butts hurt SO BAD. Maybe you should take Itty Bitty to school and let her head-butt some of those willful youth you were referring to?

Following Him said...

Itty-Bitty cracks me up :) And you with the no belt at the inlaws...hilarious :)