Thursday, March 12, 2009

First 5 Friday-Back Again!!

On this wondrous Friday the 13th, I come again to give you lists of a personal, educational, and nonsensical variety. In some cases I give you all three. Today, I will try to climb a huge mountain and put myself out there in a double First 5 List to catch up from last week's sabbatical.

Mainly, I will tell you another person's First 5 television shows. Some of you are fans of the blog, Sneaky Momma. Some of you have even hit her new sister site, Sneaky Momma Blog Design. Today, I will try to take on writing a list for my beautiful wife, Jill. In doing this, I will solemnly swear not to ask her about her opinions on any of these subjects until I have posted permanently. These are totally my perception of her.

Sneaky Momma's Favorite Current TV Shows

5. The Biggest Loser-Jill loves the great underdog story. If you don't buy this, she was sort of into the last two Super Bowls because of the underdog story lines of the Cardinals and the Giants. This show is a motivating show as you watch others try to defeat their demons. I enjoy this show eating a huge can of BBQ flavored Pringles.

4. Desperate Housewives-Used to be one of the more intriguing shows out there. A few housewives that were amoral while they acted pure and innocent (Well maybe not Edie so much on the pureness). Jill loves the humor and, shall we say, creative story lines. In my opinion, this show has jumped the shark more times than any show that didn't have Ted McKinley starring in it. I will say though, this year's episode with the handyman was pure gold.

3. Ugly Betty-A great storyline of a very pleasant young lady working in one of the more shallow industries in America, a beauty magazine. As the seasons roll by, you can see her charming, wholesome, caring, and moral background affecting her surroundings. If you look really closely, you can see her change as well. I myself find it rivetting at times and painful at others. It's kind of like working out, I really don't like to start, but once I do, I can't stop.

2. The Bachelor-Notice, I didn't not say Bachellorette. She likes this show because of the romance and great scenes of territories or places the action takes place. She, like I, also like the train wreck atmosphere of it as well. I also at this point will go ahead and insert the usual, "Jason is a tool," sentence here. In the Bachellorette, the conflicts aren't nearly as entertaining.

1. Grey's Anatomy-Quite possibly her favorite show of all time. For the one of you that has just awaken from a coma and has never heard of this show, it is another ER show that is wilder, more soap operaish, and focuses more on the relationships than any other.

In our house, the timer is always set and the eyes are glued as much as possible with two kids under the age of forty months running around. Heaven help you if you are in a phone conversation with her during this time, because all of a sudden, her side will go quiet and you'll be talking to absolutely nobody. (I understand and get this necessity because I do the same thing in all Aggies, Spurs, and Cowboy games that are not blowouts). My take on the show is simply this, Meredith pisses me off. Izzy pisses me off. Christina pisses me off. George is a eunich. Derek is okay, and I have to admit I like Mark even though he is a manwhore. The rest are like scenery, but I'm glad they sent Addison away to Private Practice because she...yep, you guessed it, pisses me off.

Now as a TRUE test, My baby's FIRST 5 All Time totally guessed by me.

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding-Our first (I think, geez, I should know this, I hope she doesn't read this) movie we watched together. If nothing else the significance of this will always give this movie a soft spot in her heart. I know she is totallythankful that it wan't 'Gods and Generals' that we watched first.

4. The Good Girl-I love it, too. I may be putting this one a little high and heck may not even be on the list, but it is a great story that is painful but intriguing to watch. Jennifer Anniston plays a small town thirtyish girl stuck in a rut in her life. She's married, but feels trapped and has an affair with a MUCH younger boy.

3. Sabrina-For a chick flick, not bad. This was one of many movies that I had to watch as pennance for taking her to see, God's and Generals. Quote from my honey that day, "Intermission? What movie has an intermission?"

2. PS I Love You-A guy dies but sends his girlfriend on a few adventures with cleverly written and properly spaced notes that he prewrote. Sad, Disturbing, and Good. Geez, I hate to admit I like these chickflicks!! As I am outing myself as a chick flick connoisseur, I might as well admit to watching the Notebook, Love Actually, and Down To You.

1. Little Women
-This one was tough to get through as my previously mentioned pennance caused me to watch this movie as well. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I'm repressing all of that 'quality time' I had suffering through this. Sorry. (Hey, it would be unnatural for me to like all of her movies, wouldn't it?) I know she wants the DVD as her VHS tape is old and overused. God help me when she gets it.

I hope you enjoyed a little walk down 'Lane's Memory' as regarding the one we call Sneaky Momma. Tune in next week when I hope to have something that probably won't get me in trouble.



Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Pretty good, hon, pretty good! I'm impressed that you remembered that about My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :)
Love you!

CornFedMama said...

i am laughing hysterically as i awaken from my coma! okay, so i have heard of Grey's, just never watched it. What a wonderful tribute/First Five. And i don't think my husband could come up with the synopsis of five chick flicks, as he represses as well. i love your commentary. it keeps me in stitches!

Nikki B. said...

what a guy to endure her favorites beside her.

don't tell anyone...but, i have never watched an episode of grey's anatomy!!

Leah said...

I wonder if my husband could do this trick. Let us know what your wife thought about your guesses.