Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thanks to McKmama for the Blog Carnival that is 'NOT ME MONDAY'. Check her out!!

Well, since it was Spring Break, nothing really happened. We did NOT go out of town at all. Since we did not go anywhere, I'm not even feeling bad about not loading our suitcase in the car. I mean really, who forgets their suitcase when they go on vacation? I mean, if you did that, you might have to stop at Wal-Mart and get some much needed supplies. Not that we did that, I'm just speculating what would we do if such an event actually happened.

Even if we did go out of town...without our luggage, we sure wouldn't found ourselves in dire need of tires over two hundred miles from home, would we? I am after all am responsible for the well being of the car..I would NEVER have let ourselves go a couple of hundred miles without checking the tires first. So, because of that we did NOT lay almost $750 on a set of four tires during our vacation...that we didn't really go on...without our luggage.

I did NOT enjoy a glorious night with Sneaky Mama without the deductions at a scenic Hill Country Bed & Breakfast. We did NOT enjoy ourselves immensely on our new set of tires as we drove home....without our luggage.

We were smart on Friday and did NOT go to the zoo. I mean, with every one else going to the zoo, we would be pretty dumb to go ourselves. The girls did not have a chance to pint at the zebras, or laugh at the monkeys or that silliness, because we didn't go. (We didn't go with a stroller wheel overinflated and hanging out the side, tires were not a problem at all for me this week).

Finally, as we stayed home all week, we did NOT go to my nephew's fifth birthday party. We did NOT have a great we didn't go. (But if we would've gone, you can damn well believe we would've brought our luggage.)

I hope your week wasn't as uneventful as ours.



blueviolet said...

It sounds like an absolutely wonderful week!

-stephanie- said...

Don't things happen in 3's? Don't get on your bikes without checking the tires first. ;o)

Sounds like a wonderful time, you didn't have.

Heather said...

Sounds like a uh great spring break!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Honey, your not me's just cracked me up! I still cannot believe all that happened on our trip. I had the best time ever.
Love you!

Tim said...

Great post Lane. I love the way you tied the luggage back in at the end. Clever.

Loved this!

Love and Prayers,