Thursday, March 26, 2009

First 5-Greatest Comic Book/Cartoon Heroes

Do I claim to be a comic But, as a child, I had a passing fancy with super heroes. I enjoyed the thought that little geeky me, circa 10 years old, could be faster than a speeding bullet, fling through the night sky on a web or on bat wings, fly in an invisible jet and...okay, not really that last one.

But, I digress. This is the day that I tell the truth without passion or bias. I will be mainstream. If you have a comic book hero that I haven't heard of, than to be honest, they do NOT belong on this list.

First 5 Super Heroes

5. The Green Lantern-Hey, he had a cool ring that could do anything. He was a fringe hero, someone I could relate to growing up. In the schoolyard in elementary, everyone wanted to be some of the others lower on the list...I wanted to be the Lantern. Guess, he always will have a spot in my heart for that.

4. Flash-Geez, wouldn't it be cool to be the Flash and line up as a wideout in the NFL? Speed kills. But in this case, it thrills. Uniform was a little, well, GAY! But, the idea was sound and I know I would've loved to have super speed. (Or any speed)

3. Batman-Cool toys. Perhaps the coolest outfit out there....Black as night. Probably would be higher here if he actually was physically 'super'. But, the rich guy was definitely the persona we all would've love(d) to be.

2. Superman-Had the coolest skill set of any hero. He could fly, he could lift whole trains by himself, he could spit fire from his eyes, hear a mouse fart on a pillow at 100 miles, crap gold, etc. Basically, he could do anything needed...except be in the same area as Kryptonite. If he was, he would be weaker than a Woody Allen Character.

1. Spiderman-While the other heroes would win by far more than they lost, he was about .500. He was a kid that had his powers thrust upon him. He learned on the fly and in this case the story is what is cool about this hero. He was not invincible. He was not overly intelligent. He was not unbeatable. He was real....well, once you get past the whole radioactive spider thing.


Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I love your description of Superman. I've gotta say, Batman's my fave, but I'm sure I could see it your way if I ever watched the Spiderman movies. :)

heidi said...

I claim ignorance on all things superhero related. My favorite is The Greatest American Hero and he's not a cominc. Remember him?

Nikki B. said...

like your new digs!

Following Him said...

LOVE the new layout! You and Sneaky Momma did a GREAT job! Btw Superman, Batman, and Spiderman all are tied in my book :)

Rob said...

Blog is looking good.

I like your list I would like to add Daredevil to the mix also. Who doesn't like a blind superhero. LOL. The movie did not do the comic justice. Thanks for visiting my blog.