Friday, August 14, 2009

First 5 Friday-It's CARNY Time

Jill and I took the girls to the local Carny and never fails to disappoint. Well, I guess if your looking for cool rides, fair games, and a more 'scenic atmosphere' then..okay, it might disappoint. But, if you're looking for that, I say, change your attitude and look at all the Carny experience give.

FIRST 5 Coolest Things About Being at the Local Carnival.

5. Check out the folks! Man, we live in a rural town and the scene is nuts. Believe me every one is very nice, but our scene usually doesn't drift into rowdy element very often. Heck, I know people that go to the Carnival just to see who else will come.

4. The Sales Pitch-Don't play the games...seriously they're all rigged....everyone knows it. But, the pitch is awesome. "Hey, Dude...come over here and win a real prize." "Get a free four wheeler if you can cover up the Circle" (Impossible by the way) "Hey, get your girl something to be proud of." I know I should feel insulted about how stupid they must think I am...but I don't. It is some type of awesome skill to sell something that should be pretty much unsellable. It's a gift that even I can recognize.

3. The Rides-Not actually riding them, but watching them. Seriously, I'm not much of a rider, but especially when it comes down to the fact they put up and take those things down like a hundred times a year. That doesn't stop me from enjoying others as they soar in the air, screaming. You can watch old men turn into scared boys from the Carny folks.

2. The lights-Especially in the country areas of this world, lights don't come like that often. Maybe at Christmas, but when you see all those lights blinking it reminds you of an outside casino.

1. The kids-Yeah, you have that group dressed like hoochy mamas..but it is really cool to see the kids running around and having fun. From the kids my girl's age that look at wonder at the scene in front of them to the older teens walking around, holding hands with their dates, the Carnival is a break in the norm. With the people..the sounds...the sights...and the rides, the carnival coming to town is, for the small town guy and girl, one of the coolest weeks of the year .

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