Friday, April 10, 2009

First 5 Friday-Play Ball!!!

It's opening week all over baseball and my loveable losers, the Texas Rangers, have found a way to be undefeated. Only one hundred and fifty eight more to go, boys!! Well, I am scheduled to go to two Ranger games this year and really can't wait. So, since it's been awhile, I thought that I would mention a baseball intensive First 5.

First 5 Greatest Things About Going To a Ranger Baseball Game (or any team)

5. Socializing. Baseball is the coolest date sport there is. (Believe it or not, Hockey is a close second.) Simply because the action is so slow and relaxing you can just kind of hang out, drink a beer or seven, and get to hang out with your honey. Want to take a crew? Baseball is the perfect game just to be.

4. Watching Batting Practice. Watching guys blast away before the game is like a poor man's Home Run Derby. As a guy that couldn't even blast it out of the infield, the prowess of the guys at pounding the ball simply amazes me.

3. The Field itself. The Ballpark in Arlington (Who really gives a shit what it's called now?) is just an amazing place to be. From the greatness of the grass on the field (why can't my lawn look that good?), to the structure outside, to the fact that their isn't a bad seat. It is awe-inspiring, and complete coolness. If the game is out of hand, which is standard for the Rangers, you can walk around and look at all the stuff. The memorabilia stands, the restaurants, and the museum is just a good way to spend some time at the Park if the game sucks.

2. The Home Run/Game Winning Hit. The sound that is made by the crowd is hard to imitate. The adrenaline and happiness....the spontaneous high fives....strangers all around you are all united in one thought..."Dude, Josh knocked the shit out of that one, didn't he?" Then, in the Ballpark, the theme from the Natural comes on. Just gives me chills.

1. The Memories. I remember when my brother and I went to the game, when OJ decided to lead the cops on the world's slowest car chase. I remember when my best friend and I went, watched batting practice and almost got hit by a ball hit by Juan Gonzales. Said friend died of cancer four years later. I remember going with my dear wife and enjoying hanging out with a lot of her friends from work. I remember countless moments at the old Arlington Stadium and the new Ballpark where old friends and new friends all took off for a night game.

The one near miss is we almost went to watch Nolan Ryan pitch...decided not to...and then missed him beat the holy hell out of Robin Ventura. Biggest regret of my baseball life.

The weird thing about it is I couldn't tell you who won any of the games I went to. Oh, I know the Ranger's lost most, but the result wasn't the point. It was the fellowship. I hope you all get to hit a MLB park and enjoy a little fun in the sun.


Sneaky Momma said...

There is definitely something magical about the ballpark (any ballpark). The sound of the ball hitting the bat, doing the wave, getting beer spilled all over you as you pass one down the aisle and not caring about it...yeah, there's something magical about attending a baseball game. :)

Mama SeWELL said...

Haha! Sm is right, its not a ball game without getting beer spilled on you! I really got into baseball in the early 90's, the Cinncinati Reds had their Spring training in my small hometown of Plant City, and alot of the players lived there during then. We could go to Beefs and see half the team. I went to every spring game the Reds had for several years. I even met that old lady that owned the Reds back then, I think her name was Marge something or other. I gots lots of autographs, and thats when I started collecting baseball cards. Canseco & McGwire played for the A's, Don Mattingly, Daryl Strawberry (poor guy), Barry Larkin, Nolan Ryan, all those guys were my favs. I still have about 6 shoeboxes full of cards that KC will inherit one day LoL. Great 5 SD!

Kalei said...

Okay, so i am such a tomboy when it comes to sports, I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, I was a runner, canoe paddler, swimmer......than it came to baseball and blehhhh! nothing. I have embarrassed friends at their games ( i could care less for myself) and made an ass of myself shouting something inappropriate to Barry Bonds in SF.(He glared at me for a total of 2 seconds) I realized, me and Baseball are not good companions, so I stick to everything else. Sorry, I wish I had it in me to like this one....especially with all the exciting steroid and fight drama it creates.

Your break down on it makes it more enjoyable than sitting through a long game. I still like reading your take on it. And I'm not just saying that because Jill's blog is so awesome and I want her to continue being my follower. =) haha. just kidding I really do like both sneaky's.

Wayne said...

Great post I would love to see a game one day I bet it is awsome to be there