Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fear Mongering? A Sneaky Rant

"No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. Participating in "If you agree, post this as your status for the rest of the day."

One of my friends on facebook had this on their profile.

Now, even though I haven't seen her in years, I have always known that she is a very level headed lady. So, when I read this, I didn't just dismiss this as stupidity. I decided to do a little research. It's illegal in the US for a hospital to turn away somebody away who can't pay and has no insurance if they aren't stable. Now, I realize that they still may not receive treatment if they are stable and that itself is a crime. But, is this a reason for socialized health care?

Some call it universal or national, but please don't give me a lesson in semantics, it will be socialized.

This is an idea that was given to the powers that be by the great 'success' of the same system in Canada and Europe. You know, they have a tax rate of over fifty percent in those nations to pay for the health care programs. It's an idea that isn't new. The government taking your money and using it for you. Like you're some kid who doesn't know any better.

Or, maybe, they plan not to raise your taxes? How much to our debt do you think this beauty would cause? Perhaps, they mean to raise your taxes a little at a time so you don't notice it as much? Five percent this year, another ten next year, and so forth.

I am not yet forty, but in my life I have learned a few things. Give the government control of something and they'll find a way to mess it up. Social Security, anyone? How about education? How about welfare? Are those some well run organizations or what?

In addition, how good are the doctors going to be in the future? I know people believe that the majority of doctors go into medicine to help people, but the stark fact of it is, a lot go into it to make money. You know, the best and the brightest want to get paid. The fact is this health care package is going to reduce their salaries. If they aren't going to get paid like they have in the past, do you think the majority of them will still go through the hell that is medical school? Do you really want the guy that scored a 'B' in sophomore level biology diagnosing you or do you want the guy that scored best in his class, no matter how big an A-hole he is? But, don't worry, you can still use him to sue the hospital for gross incompetence.

I mean, your next of kin can.

This idea of government providing health insurance is a very bad one in so many ways. It is also going to mess up the entire fabric of our medical community. If you think they are bad now, just wait until you spare them to death with mediocre service, practices, and procedures.

Look, I do not think a hospital should turn away anyone that is sick, even if they are stable. I also don't think that your life savings should be sucked away because of a protracted illness. But, my question is why should another twenty five percent of my income go to the government to give me practically the same care I have now? I know it's to prevent some one else from having to go through the loss of their income, but why is that my responsibility? Why should I have to pay for somebody else's health care?

I know that sounds harsh, but, the people I will be helping with half of my income would say the same about me. I know life happens and things will occur that suck. I know it's possible next year I will get cancer and all what I've worked for at that point will be gone. But, that's life. It has happened for centuries before us and it will happen for centuries after.

All you can do is trust in God.