Sunday, December 21, 2008

Itty Bitty is a Year and a Half!!

To keep from hijacking Sneaky Momma, I decided to create my own post with my own unique perspective.

In my first 'official post' of the blog I would love to wish my youngest a happy 1.5 birthday. It seems like just yesterday that she was screaming at me because I couldn't feed her fast enough...oh, my was yesterday!! Seriously, though, she has amazed me in her short time on this planet. She has just all of a sudden grown up. She's no longer the infant in constant need of care. She is a small girl now, who usually can give us a pretty good idea what she needs. Here is a small sampling of the vocal prowess of Itty Bitty:

"Drink". Get off your lazy butt and get me a drink!! No, Daddy, I won't wait for the commercials, but I will scream loud enough that you will not be able to hear Hogan's Heroes anyway.

"Please". Give me whatever is in your hand. I know if I say this it magically puts whatever is in your hand into mine.

"Stand up!!"- Get up!! It's time to play!! (Alternative definition: Let me up!! I don't want to change my diaper yet!! )

"Shriek!!" #$%@^%$$!!! (I blame Sneaky Momma for this one)

Well, Happy Half Birthday, Itty Bitty!!!


Jill said...

Love your blog, honey!
I cannot believe that our precious Itty Bitty is 18 months old already. Where did all that time go? :)

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Happy Blog Warming!! and Happy Birthday Itty Bitty!!

Welcome to the wide world of blogging!! (came here via Sneaky Mommy)

C.C. and Double T said...


A guest via your wife's blog, via MckMama's blog!


-stephanie- said...

just taking a peek while reading your wife's blog. enjoy blogging. will we see your Not Me's someday?

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Cute post! And great idea starting your own blog. My husband calls himself a blogging widow but maybe he wouldn't be so lonely if he started his own blog too?

heidi said...

Ooooh Shriek. Right. We speak that language over here, too.

Welcome to the blogging world. Watch out for all the estrogen. ;-)