Thursday, June 25, 2009

Return of First 5 Friday

Today is a big day.

It is my fifth wedding anniversary. So, as a triumphant return of First 5 Friday...or at least a return of some sort.... with a trip in the way back machine.

FIRST 5 Greatest Moments of June 26, 2004

5. Golf-Part of my day of fun was nine holes at the local course with my Dad, my bestfriend, and another pretty darn good friend. After something like two hours of sleep, we teed off at nine thirtyish.

The rains came at 9:45.

Did we stop....NO!! We slogged on until we reached number seven where we saw this phantom appear out of the midst. My brother had walked out on the course looking like an extra in a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western circa 1975. Brown cowboy hat, boots, blue jeans and a western shirt....all almost totally obscured (except the hat) by a black duster to protect him from the rain. As my dad begged out to go do his father of the groom duties, my bro played out the rest of the round for him...dressed like that. I still giggle even now.

4. The moment before the ceremony-My buddy, Grady, and I were sitting around shooting the breeze as the time seemed to slip away. At some point, he asked me what I had asked him four years before. "Are ya nervous?" Nope. I was stunned to see that this was pretty much the truth. I had a definite peace about this. I knew this marriage was meant to be. There's a pretty cool pic, (I can't find it or I'd post it) of me leaning against the table and Grady looking at his watch as if he was saying, "It's time!"

3. The Challenge of the Ring. We got the thing around two months before we got married. (Give or take a few weeks) She had it inscribed "Love you forever, and the date was inscribed." Sometime in between that moment and show time I had jammed my finger and neglected to try on the ring. So, as she lovingly place the ring on my finger, she had to put a little elbow grease into it to get it on my finger. Later the next day we got it resized. But, it was a moment Bob Saget would've loved to see.

2. The Reception. From the cake to the music to the friends and family to the BBQ to the...heck, EVERYTHING it was perfect. Absolutely stunning. Our families had worked hard to get a rustic setting turned into something out of a story book. I would not've changed one thing about it. Oh yeah, we also rode a limo to the reception and to a five star hotel that night. That block of time is something I will never forget.

1. Jill walking down the aisle. If you can picture this, it was late in the day in an old country church. The place was filled to capacity. Her sister, best friend, cousin, and my sister were standing up with her as bridesmaids. On my side, My brother, my best friend, and another close friend was standing up with me. The doors were shut. When they opened I had the greatest view of my wife to be, in white with the afternoon sun as her backdrop as she walked with her dad down the aisle. It was an image that I carry with me all the time, still.

I hoped you enjoyed this walk down the aisle of my memory and to my beloved wife...

Happy Anniversary!!!


Kaleena said...

Such wonderful memories you have of your special day! Happy Anniversary to you and Jill! Hope you have a wonderfully fantastic life together!

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary.

McCrakensx4 said...

Happy Anniversary...sounds like a beautiful day!

-stephanie- said...

Beautiful! Happy 5th Anniversary to you two.

Kalei said...

You and Jill make me smile. I wish you a happy 5th Anniversary and wish you best for the many more to come. Great Recap! =) Antibloggedy aka Kalei